June 09, 2014

Shut Up and Go To Sleep...........

        Last night was one of the those nights that as soon as my head hit the pillow and I turned out the lights my mind was off and running, recalling places, occasions and people I had once known. The harder I tried to clear my head the faster it raced and all I could do was hang on and ride it out. I was remembering people I had known through Rick's work, faces I recognized but whose names were long forgotten and contact lost.
        One particular couple we met in Gila Bend, AZ. in 1958, were our age and had also grown up in Boise. Tragically they lost a 6 mo. old child in a bathtub drowning and shortly after moved back to Idaho. We stayed in touch for several months but contact became further and further apart until one day we realized it was over. I don't even remember their names. It happens a lot when your job has you making major moves every couple of years.
        Another memory flash back really surprised me because the actual incident wasn't much more than a thought 50 some years ago...yet I remember it clearly. Rick and I were driving from Holbrook to Phoenix in 1960 and stopped at a restaurant/gas station in the middle of the most desolate nowhere I've ever seen called Rye, AZ. The place was for sale and the old guy was retiring....and Rick said we should buy it. My only comment was "NO" because I saw me in the kitchen (I HATE COOKING), the kids waiting tables and Rick sitting in the bar bullshitting with all two customers. It was never mentioned again but certainly well ingrained in my memory bank. (Out of curiosity I "googled" Rye, AZ and it's grown a bit but looks like it has the biggest junkyard I've ever seen. Not sorry I said "no")
        I briefly relived the 299 game that Kay bowled in a tournament at the Enumclaw Lanes in the 80's...which she will forever be remembered for but never received an award for. Can't remember the name of the game, only that you just got to throw 1 ball each turn...and something about the scoring. Anyway, Kay had about a 145 average but that day she threw 11 strikes in a row then a 9 count. She got lots of verbal accolades but not even a cheap patch or pin so show for it.
        I briefly touched on the motocross races the boys raced at the 16th St. track in Phoenix in the 70's. My 20th class reunion in `83. Rick's discharge from the Army in `54 and our driving 2 vehicles loaded with all our stuff on our move to Washington from Colorado. There was much more, my mind jumping around like a kid on a pogo stick. Maybe it was just reminding me that I still remember lots of the past even if I  easily forget daily things. Maybe it's to remind me to remember more than just the special things.....who knows. I certainly hope it isn't my life flashing before my eyes as a reminder of what lies ahead. Maybe it wasn't anything more than what it was....a tired body wanting sleep and a mind still high on a glass of wine.


  1. Patti and I giggle a bit .. did you say .. " .. a glass of wine. " .. Smiles from Cap and from Patti .. REALLY RILLY !

    1. Sometimes one glass is all it takes......;)

  2. Even a half glass. Years ago in Hawaii, happy hour at friends' house meant mai tais or daiquiris while the women cooked inside and the men BBQ'd outside on the lanai. The lady of the house and I had to make our daiquiris with vodka rather than rum or there would be no dinner cooked and on the table that night. A half drink and my face went numb.