April 04, 2014

The New Kitchen Reveal at Last........

        I began to wonder if this day would ever come. Rainy weather and all the dampness in the air when the sun did shine delayed the painting of the cupboard doors and when they needed a third coat that delayed the process even longer. I'm very pleased with the end result and Randy finally admitted the color had begun to grow on him. It has really brightened up the small room that was so dark despite a skylight and sliding glass door. The beautiful larger island Randy built and painted white was a huge factor is the brightening of the room. He also did a super job of spraying the doors. 

         The choice of hardware was a fluke that turned out better than my original choice. I had decided on brushed nickel, which was darker and shinier but they didn't have hinges to match. I reluctantly went with the satin nickel which turned out to be the perfect choice.

     Years of wear and tear did a number on the kitchen table but refinishing it was a breeze. Had the same weather issue with drying time but 6 coats later it looks better than new.

         The rope lights Randy put around the top of the one cupboard was perfect for adding the ambient lighting I wanted, plus it highlights my stein collection. The photo doesn't do it justice, it's actually a much softer light yet doesn't require one to turn on a light in order to see to do something.

        I'm keeping my eyes open for a counter height 2' X 3' cabinet, end table or something of that nature to put at the end of the cabinet by the dishwasher for added counter space for the toaster oven and toaster. Might have to hit a few garage sales this summer or check out the Habitat for Humanities ReStore. Meanwhile I'm not spending any more time cooking, just more time admiring.


  1. Fun post .. we enjoyed it .. Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..

    1. thank you....smiles to you two too.