March 29, 2014

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day 2014......

 I didn't know....or don't remember knowing of this special
day. My apologies and my thanks to all who served
in this long horrific war. Our country had mixed feelings
about our being there but right or wrong you did
what your country ordered you to do and paid a very high 
price. For that you deserve our thanks.


  1. It was interesting for me .. in 1997 .. to visit Viet Nam as a civilian. Word-On-The-Street was that all I had to do was to go to Saigon .. get a taxi from the airport .. and ask to be taken to 'Kims' Cafe'. So .. since I had heard this from wise international travelers that I respected I did just this. When I had landed and out-lasted the touts and the tourist-seeking-others .. this process took a full hour to hour and a half .. I then went to the taxi stand at the airport.The taxi driver knew instantly where 'Kim's Cafe' was and took me directly there.

    Kim it turned out was a MAN. NOT Kim Novak! And all I needed to know about Viet Nam and Saigon and where to stay and what-to-do and how to arrange all that I wanted to do .. was totally available at 'Kim's Cafe'. I did the Mekong Delta among other things. WONDERFUL COUNTRY AND WONDERFUL VISIT. In all aspects and in all respects.

    1. Interesting must be a world traveler with lots of them to tell.