March 03, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Caper Update 2.......

 Finally have all the doors sanded, primed and ready to be sprayed. The 
last of the molding around the top of the cupboards is up and "verathaned". 
Son Randy decided to go ahead with the island base because it doesn't 
look like the weather will allow any spraying in the near future.

The depth of the base was increased by 5" which gave me the storage needed 
for bigger items but the width and height stayed the same. We used the same
counter-top and did away with the area designated for stools. 
Covered it with bead board to match that along the table wall, but will 
paint the island white....that's the next job on my list. This was a
first for was a bit more involved that hanging shelves in the
shop. He went online looking for plans, studied the old island (which was a
disaster waiting to happen) and finally just dug in and he did a beautiful
job. I love it....and Randy and I are both very proud of Randy. 

 I sanded down the original oak trim then "verathaned" it. Did the
same thing to the two island doors and they're ready for their final coat. 
There's still some detail work to be done and Marisa will be back
down to tend to those things that I can't get down to....or up to. 
I guess my next entry about this caper will be after the doors are in place, 
the last of the sawdust vacuumed up, floor cleaned and just maybe
a glass of wine in hand


  1. Here's to getting to the wine... It looks great. I'm proud of Randy, too. And I love that shade of green.

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    2. I'll let Randy know you're proud too.....inflate his chest a little more. I'm lovin' the green too.

  2. Yo Rilly .. IF you go into your Blogspot Dashboard you can 100% totally remove all traces of the above comment that you yourself deleted. So it will not sit there as a dead dog .. "This comment has been removed by the author." I used to face this with my own web sites and finally found the way to100% make my own removal of my own mis-comment disappear with all traces thereof.

    I decided to stop commenting on your circa January 2011 posts and get up-to-date here. I have totally enjoyed reading some of your older historically-based writings. Family memories. Smiles from Cap and Patti ..

    How does Gullible have time to do these enormous posts of hers and still visit your site and make a comment. She is BEYOND-THE-BEYOND! .. and even further!!

    1. You Rilly .. being your own web-master .. can also make any comment from any entity totally disappear. Until I learned how-to-do this 100% deletion .. when I deleted spam from spammers who found my web sites .. I was stuck with the message .. "This comment has been removed .. blah .. blah .. blah .." Cheerio .. Cap and Patti

    2. I'll check it out and see what I can do....think this is the only delete I've done. As for Gullible's time....she always has time for friends and/or things she likes.

  3. THANK YOU RILLY for clarifying the pronunciation of Rilly .. Thank You also for filling us in on Ken and meeting in Arizona in the 70s. As you now KNOW .. I KNOW of your connections with Alaska. I must do some work on my Google Web Site to much more fully use 'labels'. I am not sure how to use them even though Gullible (well I think she has) has told me how to use them. Best from Cap and Patti ..

    1. Labels are easy ways for us to find any or all blog(s) that we wrote just by clicking on the label.....or finding any or all blog(s) on any subject written by anyone else. They work both ways. By clicking on "Alaska" in my labels it will bring up all blogs I've given that label. The blogs I'm most proud of are under the label "Gena"....and you need a box of tissues on hand.

      PS....we met Ken in the 50's, not the 70's....but who's counting. ;)