April 17, 2014

Look What We Started......

       In September 1953 I married the youngest of six sons and ten children born to a Polish Mother and a Spanish Father. In the next eleven years the Spanish side of my husband and I would produce seven children...while his Polish side came along for the ride. Meanwhile, three of the other five sons of this mixed race couple were also producing and the final total was twenty-six, give or take one or two. This pretty much laid out a picture of what was ahead for future generations, not so much how many they would have but the fact that several cousins would be pregnant at the same time. That's exactly what happened these past 8 months. Five of my granddaughters and a great granddaughter found themselves all pregnant at the same time for about a month before the first one was born. The sixth and final baby was delivered April 16th so now it's time to show off these sweet, adorable, handsome boys and one sweet, adorable and beautiful girl. My cup runneth over and will no doubt runneth over again since I still have a few grandchildren awaiting their turn and a bunch of great grandkids growing up. So...in order of arrival......

        MAKOY was born on September 18,  2013 to my granddaughter Kasey and Trevor and joins a sister named Sevin. Kasey is the daughter of my son Richard and Andrea

        KAYCEN was born on December 30, 2013 to my granddaughter Kaytie and Cody and he joins a brother Cade. Kaytie is also the daughter of my son Richard and Andrea. The special thing here...in a period of 18 months, Kaytie and Kasey both had their two children...making Richard and Andrea first time grandparents..plus 3...in a year and a half. All planned I'm told!.

        LEO was born January 1, 2014 to my great granddaughter Lexi and Tyler and he's their first. Lexi is the daughter of my granddaughter Marisa and Roger, making them first time grandparents. Marisa is the daughter of my daughter Penny and Floyd, making them first time great grandparents. Whew!! (I had to read and re-read that several times to make sure I got it right). Oh...and making me a first time great great grandma for the first time.

       MASON was born April 2, 2014 to my granddaughter Krystal and Matt and he's their first. Krystal is the daughter of my son Ron...(and an Ex) making them first time grandparents.

       ADRIAN was born April 11, 2014 to my granddaughter Devony and Joey and he's their first. Devony is the daughter of my son Mark and Pam. Mark was amazed that his grandson was born needing a haircut, which they later combed into an Elvis do.

       KEEGAN was born April 16, 2014 to my granddaughter Ashley and Chris. she's Ashley's second child and Chris's first. Keegan joins a sister Kendall. Ashley is also the daughter of  my son Mark and Pam.

        It's been an exciting nine months for these families and now a new phase of life begins. I'm so proud of all of them, they are and will be wonderful parents. Love `n hugs.....Grams

April 04, 2014

Four Down, Two to Go.........

My newest Great Grandson Mason.

The New Kitchen Reveal at Last........

        I began to wonder if this day would ever come. Rainy weather and all the dampness in the air when the sun did shine delayed the painting of the cupboard doors and when they needed a third coat that delayed the process even longer. I'm very pleased with the end result and Randy finally admitted the color had begun to grow on him. It has really brightened up the small room that was so dark despite a skylight and sliding glass door. The beautiful larger island Randy built and painted white was a huge factor is the brightening of the room. He also did a super job of spraying the doors. 

         The choice of hardware was a fluke that turned out better than my original choice. I had decided on brushed nickel, which was darker and shinier but they didn't have hinges to match. I reluctantly went with the satin nickel which turned out to be the perfect choice.

     Years of wear and tear did a number on the kitchen table but refinishing it was a breeze. Had the same weather issue with drying time but 6 coats later it looks better than new.

         The rope lights Randy put around the top of the one cupboard was perfect for adding the ambient lighting I wanted, plus it highlights my stein collection. The photo doesn't do it justice, it's actually a much softer light yet doesn't require one to turn on a light in order to see to do something.

        I'm keeping my eyes open for a counter height 2' X 3' cabinet, end table or something of that nature to put at the end of the cabinet by the dishwasher for added counter space for the toaster oven and toaster. Might have to hit a few garage sales this summer or check out the Habitat for Humanities ReStore. Meanwhile I'm not spending any more time cooking, just more time admiring.

March 29, 2014

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day 2014......

 I didn't know....or don't remember knowing of this special
day. My apologies and my thanks to all who served
in this long horrific war. Our country had mixed feelings
about our being there but right or wrong you did
what your country ordered you to do and paid a very high 
price. For that you deserve our thanks.

March 03, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Caper Update 2.......

 Finally have all the doors sanded, primed and ready to be sprayed. The 
last of the molding around the top of the cupboards is up and "verathaned". 
Son Randy decided to go ahead with the island base because it doesn't 
look like the weather will allow any spraying in the near future.

The depth of the base was increased by 5" which gave me the storage needed 
for bigger items but the width and height stayed the same. We used the same
counter-top and did away with the area designated for stools. 
Covered it with bead board to match that along the table wall, but will 
paint the island white....that's the next job on my list. This was a
first for Randy....it was a bit more involved that hanging shelves in the
shop. He went online looking for plans, studied the old island (which was a
disaster waiting to happen) and finally just dug in and he did a beautiful
job. I love it....and Randy and I are both very proud of Randy. 

 I sanded down the original oak trim then "verathaned" it. Did the
same thing to the two island doors and they're ready for their final coat. 
There's still some detail work to be done and Marisa will be back
down to tend to those things that I can't get down to....or up to. 
I guess my next entry about this caper will be after the doors are in place, 
the last of the sawdust vacuumed up, floor cleaned and just maybe
a glass of wine in hand

February 21, 2014

A Sad Farewell to my Namesake.........

Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928 and passed from this earth 
on February 10, 2014 at the age of 85. I've always believed I was named after her 
even though I don't recall the where or when of  being told. I was born on April 28, 1935.
Maybe my mother took one look at me and decided I was every bit as 
cute as that Shirley and surely destined to be just as famous.

The one and only Shirley Temple is in the middle photo and this Shirley is on the 
right, but that other cute little Shirley Temple look-a-like is my granddaughter 
Tiffany, who will be 19 years old come August of this year 
and she's already headed for great things. 

February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day.......

To all my blogger friends.....enjoy your heart's desire
before it disappears......and NEVER divulge the
location of your secret stash.


February 02, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Caper Update......

Finished the first half of the kitchen as far as we could go until we have
warmer weather so Randy can spray paint the cabinet doors. I
finished the three glass doors and he installed them and the new hardware. I am 
so glad I didn't talk myself into changing the color. I have never been so indecisive
about paint color in my life but I really waffled back and forth on this.
 I won't be doing any sanding in the house this time; it may be warmer
but it sure makes a mess...and not just in the kitchen. If it doesn't
rain and the sun comes out I can sit on the deck outside the kitchen.
 I want to increase the base size of the island for more storage so
won't do anything there until Spring. If I can find a used
cabinet with drawers I will be thrilled, if not Son can work his
magic and make it bigger. I don't plan on replacing the top.

February 01, 2014

Five Generations Once Again.......

 On December 13, 1989 my Great Granddaughter Alexis
was born, giving us five generations. 
On January 1, 2014 Alexis gave birth to her son Leo, my
first Great Great Grandchild, once again giving
us five generations to celebrate.
I am Blessed!

January 19, 2014

The Kitchen Cabinet Caper.....

Finally started my winter project last week and it's coming along surprisingly
fast, thanks to two granddaughters, each driving over a 100 mile round trip to help.
 Devony scrubbing all the cabinet door and drawers as I took them down
and marking where they belonged upon return. Being almost 6 mos. pregnant, she got 
sent home when the sanding started. Marisa came two days later and she
got the job of moving everything out of the cabinets onto the dining table and into
the spare room and my bedroom then vacuuming up all the dust from the
sanding, which meant every surface in the kitchen....and then some. 
Over the next two days Marisa and I painted the primer coat on the cupboards
and did the find sanding on the doors to ready them for the primer coat. Marisa got the
job of reloading most of the dishes back into the cabinets. Those don't need to
be empty to paint the top coat next week. 
All this work is for just half of the kitchen. There are a total of 30 doors and
6 drawers for cabinets on 3 walls in this small kitchen. I'll take these next set of doors
out to the shop....no more big mess. The cabinets only need a light sanding so
there won't be the mess there was this time. When all the doors are
ready son Randy will spray paint them out in the shop for a pro finish.

My biggest worry has been that the color will overwhelm the kitchen
but so far so good. Won't know until it's all back together so I'm hoping
by then it has totally grown on me.
P.S....I have to mention Marisa and her Seattle Seahawks 12th Man shirt. If
her guys play as good today, as they have been all season and
beat the other team....which I won't mention here....her feet won't touch
the ground until March. (Just for you dear.)

January 02, 2014

Three Down, Three to Go......

My first Great Great Grandchild Leo...
the youngest Seahawk fan.

We now have a three month break before the next round of three begins.